Carpet is still a great flooring choice

To choose carpet flooring means that you truly care about the comfort level inside your home. This is often the very best choice for families with a member who requires a softer touch and a more stable surface, such as toddlers and the elderly.

However, even if there’s only one person in the home, this floor covering offers plenty of advantages you’ll enjoy every single day. From a great look to amazing durability, you'll find they work in a variety of spaces. Be sure to keep reading to find out more.

Choose your carpet carefully

These days, carpet offers extensive options for everything from great looks to the most durable floors and everything in between. Because of this, you'll want to share your very specific requirements with your flooring professional, who can help match you with the best products for those needs.

The most important choice in carpet floors is the fiber of which they’re made. These fibers have characteristics all their own, and some are better for specific areas than others. Nylon and polyester hold up well under stains and crushing, but there are other benefits as well. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call.

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Pick the carpet that fits your lifestyle

For example, if you have extreme levels of traffic, or have pets and/or children in the home, you’re going to need a very durable flooring covering. We’ll show you brands such as SmartStrand, which have extensive stain-fighting protection built right into the fibers themselves, for a great looking floor many years into the future. For stunning good looks, be sure to browse the immense color options, designs, and patterns that create just the look you want and need for your floors. Choose the same thing for every room, for excellent continuity, or choose something different for personality in every space.

Our showroom offers great carpet

Beach House Flooring and Tile Co. offers excellent floor coverings and services for anyone who owns a rental home in Outer Banks, NC, but lives in NY, DC, NJ, Maryland, or southeast Virginia. If you're in those areas and find yourself in need of flooring, we'd love to offer our services. Simply stop by our showroom, located in Jarvisburg, NC, and speak with one of our flooring specialists about your needs. We’ll help you browse our inventory, answer any questions you may have, and, as always, offer free measurements and quotes. Stop by at your convenience. We look forward to assisting you.