Here’s to your new hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are still as classic, timeless, and elegant as they’ve always been. They still have one of the longest lifespans in the flooring industry, and they’re still quite easy to personalize. One of the most highly sought-after materials on the market here's more important information.

If you've never had hardwood floors before, you're going to love what you find in this line, especially concerning durability, lifespan, and stunning great looks. More than that, you'll learn how you can truly make them stand out as your very own. Let’s look deeper now

Hardwood floors go the distance

With a lifespan that averages roughly 100 years with proper professional installation and maintenance, you’ll find that these are likely the last floors you’ll ever have to install in your home. They are stable, durable, handle excessive amounts of daily wear, and still look great, decades later.

The most important decision is choosing the perfect wood species. Some are much harder than others and work well in heavily trafficked areas, so be sure to share an adequate estimation of your traffic levels with our professionals for the best results.

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Choose the finish for you

You'll also get to choose a specific stain color and finish type. Some finish types help hide signs of wear, like scuffing and water spots, helping you to have better-looking floors longer, while stain colors help to create excellent ambiance and décor-matching opportunities.

It’s important to know that these materials are not a good choice for basements or any below-grade space andmust be acclimated before installation for the best results. It's also important to know that you can refinish these floors, bringing them back to a like-new finish in a way that's much cheaper than replacing the floors altogether. For more information, be sure to speak with your flooring professional at our hardwood flooring store.

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