Vinyl plank could be an important addition to your home

Vinyl plank flooring is part of the luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) line that has the appearance of real solid wood planks. It's used most often when homeowners want all the beautiful elegance of the real thing but might not have the budget, the time, or want to keep up with maintenance.

The good news is, these floors offer so much, you simply won’t be able to pass it by, especially if you're looking for a floor covering with lots of benefits and added extras. Go ahead and read along to see what might fit your needs.

What you can expect from vinyl plank floors

Vinyl plank floors offer the amazing appearance of real, solid wood flooring, right down to the grain patterns, textures, and abundance of staincolor options. It fits into your home’s existing décor as well as the real thing and guests aren’t likely to even know the difference. Unlike real wood, these materials can be installed in basements or any other below-grade space because they do not reactto temperature changes, dampness, or humidity. No matter where they are installed, they also offer excellent protection against daily wear, showing fewer stains, scratches, or scuffs, even with pets or children in the home.

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Choose the vinyl plank flooring for your lifestyle

Choosing a waterproof vinyl plank is a great way to get an ultimate peace of mind, as your floors will be entirely impervious to water damage. You won't have to worry about leaks, spills, dampness, or any other liquid mess.

Vinyl plank is a great choice for homeowners who need a quick and easy installation. Created in the same layers that other LVF is created from, they are stable and can be placed in a variety of spaces. Do make sure, however, that you take advantage of our professional installation team for the job.

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